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See The Amazing Uses of Potato Chip Science


The twenty-two objects on display in this Cabinet of Potato Chip Wonders represent only part of the holdings of the Museum of Potato Chip Science.

No.1 Yo-yo – Formed from two chip lids, a Lego wheel, a rod, and a pair of wing nuts § No.2 The “Valentine”– Extremely rare cordate (heart-shaped) potato chip pulled from a bag of Miss Vickie’s potato chips § No.3 Golden Champion Chip Medallion – Highest civilian award granted by the All-State Potato Chip Association (ASPCA) § No.4 Mrs. Potato Head – First edition (1953), wife of Mr. Potato Head, mother of Brother Spud and Sister Yam § No. 5 Potato Starch Knife – Biodegradable alternative to plastic cutlery § No.6  Tin Toy –Humpty Dumpty potato chip delivery truck, circa 1960 § No.7 The “Chip-a-pult” – Chip tube and potato-starch spoon snack-food launcher § No.8 Duncan “Little Champ” Kitty Clover Potato Chips top § No.9 Animator – Chip lid “thaumatrope” wheel that simulates motion when spun § No.10 Advertisement – Promotional clip for Slim Gaillard’s zany (misspelled) 1952 song “Potatoe Chips” § No.11 Space Magic Coin – 1964 Krunchees Potato Chip Company premium, chronicling U.S. space history and featuring astronaut Alan B. Shepard and President Kennedy

No.12 Helicopter – Wooden spool transmission, pencil mast, and chip lid rotor blades § No.13 Shrunken Head – Desiccated potato treated with natron (an embalming salt) § No.14 Pinwheel – Chip-bag blades, map pin spindle, and pencil shaft § No.15 Potato Mill – Spinning toy employing a stick, a string, a chestnut, and a potato § No.16 Glider – Chip-bag fuselage and birdlike dihedral wings reinforced with glue and sewing-thread guy wires § No.17 Sail Car – Chip tube lid wheels and foil bag sail § No.18 Parachute – Ketchup cup, single-serve chip bag, and thread § No.19 Indicator Juice –Red cabbage solution used to test the relative acidity of solids § No.20 Saratoga Springs, N.Y. postcard – Generally recognized as the birthplace, in 1853, of potato chips § No.21 Pin – 1965 Guy’s Potato Chips pin, Boston Red Sox § No.22 Potato Chip Bag – Glassine chip bag bearing frowning (or smiling) man, circa 1940.

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